dear africa – #BuyBlack #SupportBlack

I’m not a big fan of the whole #BuyBlack #SupportBlack. I think it is rather narrow and counter revolutionary. There’s a whole world out there to trade with. Just imagine if you could just crack into the Asian market.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-black, I buy a lot from black owned businesses, but I don’t just buy because it is black business, but rather because they provide services and products I need. No Lerato Tshabalala vibes here.

Actually, let me take this moment to mention just a few black businesses that I support, and I can vouch for.

– BlackSugar by Jabu makes nice male fashion accessories.

– Weshu by Dolly makes the freshest fashion accessories, from beads, to funky headwraps, to colorful clutch bags, and custom-made clothing. They also recently opened a trendy in the bundus of Tsimtown.

– Capekapa check out their t-shirts and sweaters, unique stuff.

– Thunderstorm a bit out of my league but when I’m big I’ll definitely buy from this business.

– Joel makes the best kota in Alex, finish and klaar.

– Pirara if you want pork trotters, tribe, chicken-anas this is your joint, in Centurion.

– Vukster I haven’t tried this one yet, but I have seen the pictures, mouth watering pork trotters.

– Thulani Ngwenya Faya Pele-pele hottest tastiest home made chilies sauce.

– Motlatso kiddies parties, jumping castles, cakes, deco, enegetic MC for the kids, you name it.

– Mathapelo rips at R75/kg these are the juiciest marinated ribs you can get, I’ve been a loyal customer for over 2 years.

– Lesego sells the most innovative name tags for school kids, buy a package for your children.

– Julia house hold cleaning detergents, bleach, pine gel, foam bath, the works, she got them at reasonable prices.

– Danny organises the dopest events in the village, you’ll swear you’re at the SunDeck in Sandton, while you’re in fact in Mogalatsane Village. He’s also an excellent photographer and graphic designer.

– Vincent for all your moving needs, big or small, he has about 4 or 5 trucks.

– Yende Carwash I see your work, if you were not 50km away, I’ll be there every weekend

Black brands like maxhosa by laduma, David Tlale, to mention just a few, are big globally, sharing catwalks with the Guccis of the fashion world. I don’t see them asking for black people to support them.

Black business should provide good service, good value, they must compete internationally, and then they’ll prosper, without needing anyone buying their services or products out of pity.

You know that ‘plastic?’ attitude service we get at Checkers/PickNPay cashiers versus the tenacious service you receive from those old Magogos when buying their fruits&veg at Tshakuma market or marabastad? That’s exactly why we must support black and boycott your Wiese’s and Ackerman’s of this world.

When the telephone was first invented, it took 75 years to reach 50 million people.
It took Radio 38 years.
TV took 13 years.
Internet was just 4 years.
Facebook did it in 2 years.
IPhone took 3 months.
Angry births space took 35 days.
Pokemon Go was released just over 2 weeks ago, it has already reached over a billion people, over-taking Twitter as the most used app.

Wena you’re are busy pity-selling your business to your friends and family and guilt-tripping them to support your business while the whole world is open for business, a market of 7 billion potential customers.

tldr: English is not my first language, I hope I don’t get quoted out of context here, in summary, if you continue supporting bad mediocre business, just because it is black owned, you are doing a disservice to both parties, and the advancement of black people in general.

Vuka Africa.

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