– content is the new currency

If you’re here, on social media, you’re already producing content daily, but it belongs to the big 3 tech companies, Facebook, Google, and Apple. And they make billions of money out of it. That’s why most of their products are free because you give them free content. Why not get something-nyana out of it as well? How?

Be deliberate about it. The content that you share, should somehow also serve you, and the people who follow you. Advertise your business. Get new leads. Hustle for your MLM business. Offer advice. Share information. Sell directly to your followers. Create and build networks while you are here.

It doesn’t matter what you do. Even if you’re just here for laughs and gags, get the best out of it, and do make as many people as you can also laugh. Become a renowned meme lord. There’s a guy on Twitter called Takatina1, a clown of note. He writes his usual hilarious threads, but on 2nd tweet, there’s usually an ad snug in there for something he’s promoting. Genius. There are countless such accounts, even if luck does play some role, like that lady who wrote “o jewa ke eng”. She is extracting all she can from that 1 tweet with dedication.

If you’re a lurker. One of those awkward people who never does anything, no posts of your own, no likes, no profile picture, no check-ins, nothing, but you’re still here daily, that’s also fine. Just make it beneficial for you, curate your ultimate timeline by carefully choosing who you like/follow. It doesn’t matter who you are, you too can take advantage, even billionaires like Elon Musk use twitter to drive Telsa sales or ‘manipulate’ stock price. You can do anything here, Trump runs his entire tenure as POTUS on Twitter.

Are you a teacher at creche, record Mary had a little lamb, and share with the parents on youtube.
Are you a young economist, look at work of Wandile Sehlobo.
A lawyer, look at Tumi Sole.
Want to become a TV presenter? TV is dead, look at Marawa, Carol, Nicolette.
Are you an artist, look at Nelson Makamo, or Rasta.
In the big wide world called the internet, there is enough space for all of us. Find your little corner, and set up shop there.

Write, share, like, love, make funny videos dancing on TikTok, and create value, also known as ‘monetise’ on these streets.

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