dear africa – #BuyBlack #SupportBlack

I’m not a big fan of the whole #BuyBlack #SupportBlack. I think it is rather narrow and counter revolutionary. There’s a whole world out there to trade with. Just imagine if you could just crack into the Asian market. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-black, I buy a lot from black owned businesses, butContinue reading “dear africa – #BuyBlack #SupportBlack”

dear africa – Forex traitors

vol.5 Please be very careful of forex ‘trainers’ masquerading as forex traders. Look out for their ‘free’ seminars at prestigious hotels across the country. These seminars are designed to lure you into their scheme and quickly separate you with your hard earned money. Most of the basic forex ‘training’ they claim to teach is freelyContinue reading “dear africa – Forex traitors”

dear africa -Entrepreneurship

Our country is plagued by perennial protests, from service delivery, xenophobia, labour unrest, demarcation disputes, and lately, just political turmoil currently going on in the Tshwane region. I have observed that mostly, when these protests turn violent, it is usually unemployed people burning and vandalizing state property. Currently, employed people are stuck, unable to goContinue reading “dear africa -Entrepreneurship”

dear africa – Unemployable

Dear Africa vol. 7 Today I want to address my fellow brothers and sisters who are unemployed or employed but seeking new opportunities. Unemployment is no joke, but while we wait for the government to deliver the jobs they keep promising, we can also do some small steps to improve our prospects. First things first,Continue reading “dear africa – Unemployable”

dear africa – To rent or buy

Dear Africa vol.4 (Damn, Thabo Mbeki is already on vol.9, I need to catch up) Today, I want to touch on a very sensitive topic. Property. This topic can divide renters and owners like region divides believers and atheists. Like region, discussing the pros and cons of owning vs renting property is not my favoriteContinue reading “dear africa – To rent or buy”

dear africa – ETFs

Dear Africa vol.3 Why do you invest your hard-earned money in pyramid schemes like Kipi/MyDeposit/MMM or whatever the latest Russian fraudsters comes up with? Why? Relax, I’m not going to ask the hard hitting questions again, by popular demand, today’s letter is meant to be educational. I want to share my little knowledge about etfs.Continue reading “dear africa – ETFs”

dear africa – The resources

Dear Africa Okay, so I’ll call this series of letters ‘Dear Africa’. I received a handful of complains about addressing the first letter to black people only. People thought it should relevant to all people, regardless of their color. I agree. But, those people must chill. This is like the ‘Blacks Only Comedy’. Open toContinue reading “dear africa – The resources”